Reinventing Teri P

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Today marks two weeks since I “walked away” from a long standing graphic design gig. Let’s not sugar coat it- I walked away when I was shown the door. “Sorry, corporate restructuring, you understand. Your position simply doesn’t exist anymore.” No one ever wants to learn that despite giving it their all, at the end of the day, they are dispensable. And as much as this parting was somewhat anticipated and a blessing in disguise, it was hard not to be shell-shocked just the same.
So, I was very grateful for all the positive feedback and encouragement from my “collateral damage” post on Facebook. One comment really struck a chord:
“WOOHOO! Congratulations on the next adventure. We creatives always reinvent ourselves!”
There’s a lot of truth to that statement. Creatives reinvent themselves in the time it takes most people to shop for a new car. Reinventing is what we do. A new logo, a new website, a new Facebook page, and like magic, Teri Prestash is now Generate Studios. Or so it may seem.
Obviously, this didn’t happen overnight. Generate Studios, my new employer is my brainchild. I had formulated the idea of a collaborative design studio over a year ago. I had the name, the logo, and the website. I had a lineup of virtual partners and virtually no time to get this idea off the ground.
Now I’ve got the time and in the past two weeks I’ve made connections and begun work on several projects. I’m doing some design work for a brewery, and working on a proposal for a full range of marketing materials for a seasonal attraction. I am meeting with a West Farms shop about designing /developing a website, and I’m working with a non-profit arts program to help market an exciting new venture.
The future is looking good, and I can’t help but smile when think that at the same time I’m getting inundated with Medicare mail, I’m launching a new business. I don’t look at it as reinventing myself. I’m just circling back to doing the work I love, the work I can’t wait to dig into every morning.