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Conservation International

In our super saturated visual world it is more important than ever to represent your brand with a logo that will stand out in a crowded marketplace. When considering creative solutions for a logo design project any viable contender has to answer these three questions with a resounding YES:
Is it relevant?  Is it simple?  Is it memorable?
To understand the importance of these three traits consider the logo redesign for Conservation International done by Chermayeff, Geismar & Haviv, the New York based branding and design firm responsible for creating many of the world’s most recognizable trademarks.


Is it Relevant?
In this case, the answer is no. In fact, Conservation International (CI) came to CGH because their logo was no longer relevant to their new mission. Their rain forest image, representing the world’s most endangered hot spots, didn’t align with CI’s new mission which was to shift from protecting nature for nature’s sake to protecting nature for the well-being of humanity.
Is it Simple?
The original logo was a detailed illustration of a tropical environment that even included a monkey hanging from a tree. Trying to design a logo to tell the whole story of what a business or organization is about seldom works. A logo’s function within an organization’s identity system is to be an effective identifier that can work in a multitude of sizes and media. That said, less is always more when it comes to a logo design. The old CI logo, while  beloved by everyone in the organization, was anything but simple. Such a complicated illustration was difficult to reproduce with any clarity in todays multimedia applications.
Is it Memorable?
In our fast paced world often a glance is all you get to make an impression. The best logo designs are the ones that we remember instantly when we see them next time.This literal interpretation of a rain forest has far too much detail to retain for instant recognition.


CGH principal partner Sagi Haviv’s solution shown above symbolizes our blue planet, emphasized, supported, and sustained. The mark can also be seen as a unique human form. Laura Bowling, CI’s director of branding, described the abstract symbol as “our blue planet on a green path to sustainability. The broad scope of the organizations mission was simplified to a single concept and a memorable symbol.
The new simple logo performs beautifully within the larger communication system as demonstrated in the examples below.